Commit c5d15de3 authored by Ben Gamari's avatar Ben Gamari 🐢

iserv: Don't pass --export-dynamic on FreeBSD

This is definitely a hack but it's probably the best we can do for now.
Hadrian does the right thing here by passing --export-dynamic only to
the linker.

(cherry picked from commit 2290eb02)
parent 19fa5c15
......@@ -30,8 +30,9 @@ endif
# refer to the RTS. This is harmless if you don't use it (adds a bit
# of overhead to startup and increases the binary sizes) but if you
# need it there's no alternative.
# Don't do this on FreeBSD to work around #17962.
ifeq "$(TargetElf)" "YES"
ifneq "$(TargetOS_CPP)" "solaris2"
ifeq "$(findstring $(TargetOS_CPP), solaris2 freebsd)" ""
# The Solaris linker does not support --export-dynamic option. It also
# does not need it since it exports all dynamic symbols by default
utils/iserv_stage2_MORE_HC_OPTS += -optl-Wl,--export-dynamic
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