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Tidy up IsIrred (no need for argument any more)

parent ead3abe7
......@@ -2012,7 +2012,7 @@ type ImprovementDone = Bool -- True <=> some unification has happened
type AvailEnv = FiniteMap Inst AvailHow
data AvailHow
= IsIrred TcId -- Used for irreducible dictionaries,
= IsIrred -- Used for irreducible dictionaries,
-- which are going to be lambda bound
| Given TcId -- Used for dictionaries for which we have a binding
......@@ -2035,7 +2035,7 @@ instance Outputable AvailHow where
pprAvail :: AvailHow -> SDoc
pprAvail (IsIrred x) = text "Irred" <+> ppr x
pprAvail IsIrred = text "Irred"
pprAvail (Given x) = text "Given" <+> ppr x
pprAvail (Rhs rhs bs) = text "Rhs" <+> sep [ppr rhs, braces (ppr bs)]
......@@ -2104,8 +2104,7 @@ extractResults (Avails _ avails) wanteds
-- The sought Id can be one of the givens, via a superclass chain
-- and then we definitely don't want to generate an x=x binding!
Just (IsIrred _) -> go (add_given avails w) binds (w:irreds) ws
-- | otherwise -> go avails (addBind binds w_id (nlHsVar id)) irreds ws
Just IsIrred -> go (add_given avails w) binds (w:irreds) ws
-- The add_given handles the case where we want (Ord a, Eq a), and we
-- don't want to emit *two* Irreds for Ord a, one via the superclass chain
-- This showed up in a dupliated Ord constraint in the error message for
......@@ -2192,7 +2191,7 @@ than with the Avails handling stuff in TcSimplify
addIrred :: WantSCs -> Avails -> Inst -> TcM Avails
addIrred want_scs avails irred = ASSERT2( not (irred `elemAvails` avails), ppr irred $$ ppr avails )
addAvailAndSCs want_scs avails irred (IsIrred (instToId irred))
addAvailAndSCs want_scs avails irred IsIrred
addAvailAndSCs :: WantSCs -> Avails -> Inst -> AvailHow -> TcM Avails
addAvailAndSCs want_scs avails inst avail
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