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hadrian: always capture both stdout and stderr when running a builder fails

The idea being that when a builder('s command) fails, we quite likely want to
have all the information available to figure out why. Depending on the builder
_and_ the particular problem, the useful bits of information can be printed
on stdout or stderr.

We accomplish this by defining a simple wrapper for Shake's `cmd` function,
that just _always_ captures both streams in case the command returns a non-zero
exit code, and by using this wrapper everywhere in `hadrian/src/Builder.hs`.

Fixes #18089.
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{-# LANGUAGE InstanceSigs #-}
{-# LANGUAGE InstanceSigs, TypeOperators #-}
module Builder (
-- * Data types
ArMode (..), CcMode (..), ConfigurationInfo (..), GhcMode (..),
......@@ -14,7 +14,9 @@ module Builder (
) where
import Control.Exception.Extra (Partial)
import Development.Shake.Classes
import Development.Shake.Command
import GHC.Generics
import qualified Hadrian.Builder as H
import Hadrian.Builder hiding (Builder)
......@@ -214,7 +216,7 @@ instance H.Builder Builder where
needBuilder builder
path <- H.builderPath builder
need [path]
Stdout stdout <- cmd [path] ["--no-user-package-db", "field", input, "depends"]
Stdout stdout <- cmd' [path] ["--no-user-package-db", "field", input, "depends"]
return stdout
_ -> error $ "Builder " ++ show builder ++ " can not be asked!"
......@@ -231,7 +233,7 @@ instance H.Builder Builder where
echo = EchoStdout (verbosity >= Loud)
-- Capture stdout and write it to the output file.
captureStdout = do
Stdout stdout <- cmd [path] buildArgs
Stdout stdout <- cmd' [path] buildArgs
writeFileChanged output stdout
case builder of
Ar Pack _ -> do
......@@ -239,54 +241,54 @@ instance H.Builder Builder where
if useTempFile then runAr path buildArgs
else runArWithoutTempFile path buildArgs
Ar Unpack _ -> cmd echo [Cwd output] [path] buildArgs
Ar Unpack _ -> cmd' echo [Cwd output] [path] buildArgs
Autoreconf dir -> cmd echo [Cwd dir] ["sh", path] buildArgs
Autoreconf dir -> cmd' echo [Cwd dir] ["sh", path] buildArgs
Configure dir -> do
-- Inject /bin/bash into `libtool`, instead of /bin/sh,
-- otherwise Windows breaks. TODO: Figure out why.
bash <- bashPath
let env = AddEnv "CONFIG_SHELL" bash
cmd echo env [Cwd dir] ["sh", path] buildOptions buildArgs
cmd' echo env [Cwd dir] ["sh", path] buildOptions buildArgs
GenApply -> captureStdout
GenPrimopCode -> do
stdin <- readFile' input
Stdout stdout <- cmd (Stdin stdin) [path] buildArgs
Stdout stdout <- cmd' (Stdin stdin) [path] buildArgs
writeFileChanged output stdout
GhcPkg Copy _ -> do
Stdout pkgDesc <- cmd [path]
Stdout pkgDesc <- cmd' [path]
[ "--expand-pkgroot"
, "--no-user-package-db"
, "describe"
, input -- the package name
cmd (Stdin pkgDesc) [path] (buildArgs ++ ["-"])
cmd' (Stdin pkgDesc) [path] (buildArgs ++ ["-"])
GhcPkg Unregister _ -> do
Exit _ <- cmd echo [path] (buildArgs ++ [input])
Exit _ <- cmd' echo [path] (buildArgs ++ [input])
return ()
HsCpp -> captureStdout
Make dir -> cmd echo path ["-C", dir] buildArgs
Make dir -> cmd' echo path ["-C", dir] buildArgs
Makeinfo -> do
cmd echo [path] "--no-split" [ "-o", output] [input]
cmd' echo [path] "--no-split" [ "-o", output] [input]
Xelatex -> do
unit $ cmd [Cwd output] [path] buildArgs
unit $ cmd [Cwd output] [path] buildArgs
unit $ cmd [Cwd output] [path] buildArgs
unit $ cmd [Cwd output] ["makeindex"] (input -<.> "idx")
unit $ cmd [Cwd output] [path] buildArgs
unit $ cmd [Cwd output] [path] buildArgs
unit $ cmd' [Cwd output] [path] buildArgs
unit $ cmd' [Cwd output] [path] buildArgs
unit $ cmd' [Cwd output] [path] buildArgs
unit $ cmd' [Cwd output] ["makeindex"] (input -<.> "idx")
unit $ cmd' [Cwd output] [path] buildArgs
unit $ cmd' [Cwd output] [path] buildArgs
Tar _ -> cmd buildOptions echo [path] buildArgs
_ -> cmd echo [path] buildArgs
Tar _ -> cmd' buildOptions echo [path] buildArgs
_ -> cmd' echo [path] buildArgs
-- TODO: Some builders are required only on certain platforms. For example,
-- 'Objdump' is only required on OpenBSD and AIX. Add support for platform
......@@ -366,4 +368,9 @@ applyPatch dir patch = do
needBuilder Patch
path <- builderPath Patch
putBuild $ "| Apply patch " ++ file
quietly $ cmd [Cwd dir, FileStdin file] [path, "-p0"]
quietly $ cmd' [Cwd dir, FileStdin file] [path, "-p0"]
-- | Wrapper for 'cmd' that makes sure we include both stdout and stderr in
-- Shake's output when any of our builder commands fail.
cmd' :: (Partial, CmdArguments args) => args :-> Action r
cmd' = cmd [WithStderr True, WithStdout True]
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