Commit c6b0fd62 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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Relax the restriction on using abstract newtypes in FFI declarations.

Given the high impact of this change, we decided to back off and make
abstract newtypes give a warning for one release, before we make it an
error in 7.6.1.

    Warning: newtype `CInt' is used in an FFI declaration,
             but its constructor is not in scope.
             This will become an error in GHC 7.6.1.
    When checking declaration:
      foreign import ccall unsafe "static zlib.h deflate" c_deflate
        :: StreamState -> CInt -> IO CInt
parent 1eedbc6b
......@@ -121,17 +121,29 @@ normaliseFfiType' env ty0 = go [] ty0
panic "normaliseFfiType': Got more GREs than expected"
_ ->
return False
if newtypeOK
then do let nt_co = mkAxInstCo (newTyConCo tc) tys
add_co nt_co rec_nts' nt_rhs
else children_only
when (not newtypeOK) $
-- later: stop_here
addWarnTc (ptext (sLit "newtype") <+> quotes (ppr tc) <+>
ptext (sLit "is used in an FFI declaration,") $$
ptext (sLit "but its constructor is not in scope.") $$
ptext (sLit "This will become an error in GHC 7.6.1."))
let nt_co = mkAxInstCo (newTyConCo tc) tys
add_co nt_co rec_nts' nt_rhs
| isFamilyTyCon tc -- Expand open tycons
, (co, ty) <- normaliseTcApp env tc tys
, not (isReflCo co)
= add_co co rec_nts ty
| otherwise
= children_only
= return (mkReflCo ty, ty)
-- If we have reached an ordinary (non-newtype) type constructor,
-- we are done. Note that we don't need to normalise the arguments,
-- because whether an FFI type is legal or not depends only on
-- the top-level type constructor (e.g. "Ptr a" is valid for all a).
children_only = do xs <- mapM (go rec_nts) tys
let (cos, tys') = unzip xs
return (mkTyConAppCo tc cos, mkTyConApp tc tys')
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