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Document -unreg and unregisterised compilation.  Untested since
our DocBook installation is currently broken.
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<sect2 id="unreg">
<title>Unregisterised compilation</title>
<indexterm><primary>unregisterised compilation</primary></indexterm>
<para>The term "unregisterised" really means "compile via vanilla
C", disabling some of the platform-specific tricks that GHC
normally uses to make programs go faster. When compiling
unregisterised, GHC simply generates a C file which is compiled
via gcc.</para>
<para>Unregisterised compilation can be useful when porting GHC to
a new machine, since it reduces the prerequisite tools to
<program>gcc</program>, <program>as</program>, and
<program>ld</program> and nothing more, and furthermore the amount
of platform-specific code that needs to be written in order to get
unregisterised compilation going is usually fairly small.</para>
<para>Compile via vanilla ANSI C only, turning off
platform-specific optimisations. NOTE: in order to use
<option>-unreg</option>, you need to have a set of libraries
(including the RTS) built for unregisterised compilation.
This amounts to building GHC with way "u" enabled.</para>
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