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FIX validate: Fix warnings in new literal code

Validate uses -Werror so the warnings broke it.
parent a618f382
......@@ -1303,6 +1303,7 @@ repOverloadedLiteral (OverLit { ol_val = val})
-- the smart constructor 'TH.Syntax.rationalL' uses it in its type,
-- and rationalL is sucked in when any TH stuff is used
mk_lit :: OverLitVal -> DsM HsLit
mk_lit (HsIntegral i) = mk_integer i
mk_lit (HsFractional f) = mk_rational f
mk_lit (HsIsString s) = mk_string s
......@@ -154,7 +154,7 @@ tidyLitPat lit = LitPat lit
tidyNPat :: HsOverLit Id -> Maybe (SyntaxExpr Id) -> SyntaxExpr Id -> Pat Id
tidyNPat over_lit@(OverLit val False _ ty) mb_neg eq
tidyNPat (OverLit val False _ ty) mb_neg _
-- Take short cuts only if the literal is not using rebindable syntax
| isIntTy ty = mk_con_pat intDataCon (HsIntPrim int_val)
| isWordTy ty = mk_con_pat wordDataCon (HsWordPrim int_val)
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