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users-guide: Rework pragma key generation

Previously we had a hack to handle the case of multi-token SPECIALISE
pragmas. Now we use a slightly more general rule of using a prefix of
tokens containing only alphabetical characters.
parent 0a26f9e8
......@@ -147,14 +147,16 @@ def parse_ghci_cmd(env, sig, signode):
return name
def parse_pragma(env, sig, signode):
# Collect a prefix of alphabetical tokens to use as the pragma name
parts = sig.split(' ')
idx = parts[0]
idx_parts = []
for part in parts:
if all(c.isalpha() or c == "_" for c in part):
idx = '-'.join(idx_parts)
# To avoid re-using the same HTTP anchor #pragma-SPECIALIZE in multiple
# places, we disambiguate the anchor by adding the second word after it (if
# one exists).
if idx == "SPECIALIZE" and 1 in parts and parts[1].isalpha():
idx += "-" + parts[1]
name = '{-# ' + sig + ' #-}'
signode += addnodes.desc_name(name, name)
return idx
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