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Implemented -dsuppress-var-kinds flag to remove silly kinds when dppr-debug is on.

Adding commentary, and fixing a knot-tie related bug.

Commentary only.
parent 4bc84da3
......@@ -85,6 +85,8 @@ import FastTypes
import FastString
import Outputable
import StaticFlags ( opt_SuppressVarKinds )
import Data.Data
......@@ -211,7 +213,8 @@ After CoreTidy, top-level LocalIds are turned into GlobalIds
instance Outputable Var where
ppr var = ifPprDebug (text "(") <+> ppr (varName var) <+> ifPprDebug (brackets (ppr_debug var))
<+> ifPprDebug (text "::" <+> ppr (tyVarKind var) <+> text ")")
<+> if (not opt_SuppressVarKinds) then ifPprDebug (text "::" <+> ppr (tyVarKind var) <+> text ")")
else empty
ppr_debug :: Var -> SDoc
ppr_debug (TyVar {}) = ptext (sLit "tv")
......@@ -132,6 +132,7 @@ static_flags = [
, Flag "dsuppress-module-prefixes" (PassFlag addOpt)
, Flag "dsuppress-type-applications" (PassFlag addOpt)
, Flag "dsuppress-idinfo" (PassFlag addOpt)
, Flag "dsuppress-var-kinds" (PassFlag addOpt)
, Flag "dsuppress-type-signatures" (PassFlag addOpt)
, Flag "dopt-fuel" (AnySuffix addOpt)
, Flag "dtrace-level" (AnySuffix addOpt)
......@@ -41,6 +41,7 @@ module StaticFlags (
-- profiling opts
......@@ -223,6 +224,11 @@ opt_SuppressCoercions
= lookUp (fsLit "-dsuppress-all")
|| lookUp (fsLit "-dsuppress-coercions")
opt_SuppressVarKinds :: Bool
= lookUp (fsLit "-dsuppress-all")
|| lookUp (fsLit "-dsuppress-var-kinds")
-- | Suppress module id prefixes on variables.
opt_SuppressModulePrefixes :: Bool
......@@ -1117,9 +1117,9 @@ zonkEvBinds env binds
add (EvBind var _) vars = var : vars
zonkEvBind :: ZonkEnv -> EvBind -> TcM EvBind
zonkEvBind env (EvBind var term)
-- This function has some special cases for avoiding re-zonking the
-- same types many types. See Note [Optimized Evidence Binding Zonking]
= case term of
-- Fast path for reflexivity coercions:
EvCoercionBox co
......@@ -1131,17 +1131,16 @@ zonkEvBind env (EvBind var term)
-- Fast path for variable-variable bindings
-- NB: could be optimized further! (e.g. SymCo cv)
| Just {} <- getCoVar_maybe co
-> do { term'@(EvCoercionBox (CoVarCo cv')) <- zonkEvTerm env term
; let var' = setVarType var (varType cv')
| Just cv <- getCoVar_maybe co
-> do { let cv' = zonkIdOcc env cv -- Just lazily look up
term' = EvCoercionBox (CoVarCo cv')
var' = setVarType var (varType cv')
; return (EvBind var' term') }
-- Ugly safe and slow path
_ -> do { var' <- {-# SCC "zonkEvBndr" #-} zonkEvBndr env var
; term' <- zonkEvTerm env term
; return (EvBind var' term')
......@@ -1196,6 +1195,33 @@ The type of Phantom is (forall (k : BOX). forall (a : k). Int). Both `a` and
we have a type or a kind variable; for kind variables we just return AnyK (and
not the ill-kinded Any BOX).
Note [Optimized Evidence Binding Zonking]
When optimising evidence binds we may come accross situations where
a coercion is just reflexivity:
cv = ReflCo ty
In such a case it is a waste of time to zonk both ty and the type
of the coercion, especially if the types involved are huge. For this
reason this case is optimized to only zonk 'ty' and set the type of
the variable to be that zonked type.
Another case that hurts a lot are simple coercion bindings of the form:
cv1 = cv2
cv3 = cv1
cv4 = cv2
etc. In all such cases it is very easy to just get the zonked type of
cv2 and use it to set the type of the LHS coercion variable without zonking
twice. Though this case is funny, it can happen due the way that evidence
from spontaneously solved goals is now used.
See Note [Optimizing Spontaneously Solved Goals] about this.
NB: That these optimizations are independently useful, regardless of the
constraint solver strategy.
DV, TODO: followup on this note mentioning new examples I will add to perf/
mkZonkTcTyVar :: (TcTyVar -> TcM Type) -- What to do for an *mutable Flexi* var
-> (TcTyVar -> Type) -- What to do for an immutable var
......@@ -1214,7 +1214,7 @@ data GivenKind
-- Is given as result of being solved, maybe provisionally on
-- some other wanted constraints. We cache the evidence term
-- sometimes here as well /as well as/ in the EvBinds,
-- see note [Optimizing Spontaneously Solved Coercions]
-- see Note [Optimizing Spontaneously Solved Coercions]
instance Outputable CtFlavor where
ppr (Given _ GivenOrig) = ptext (sLit "[G]")
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