Commit ccc5a1a2 authored by Thomas Miedema's avatar Thomas Miedema
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Build system: fix 'make sdist'

This was broken in 4905b83a.

libraries/ghci/ gets created by ./boot.
parent 97281b46
# Files to include in source distributions
SRC_DIST_GHC_DIRS = mk rules docs distrib bindisttest libffi includes \
utils docs rts compiler ghc driver libraries libffi-tarballs
utils docs rts compiler ghc driver libraries libffi-tarballs iserv
SRC_DIST_GHC_FILES += \ config.guess config.sub configure \
aclocal.m4 ANNOUNCE LICENSE Makefile \
libraries/ghci_PACKAGE = ghci
libraries/ghci_dist-install_GROUP = libraries
$(if $(filter ghci,$(PACKAGES_STAGE0)),$(eval $(call build-package,libraries/ghci,dist-boot,0)))
$(if $(filter ghci,$(PACKAGES_STAGE1)),$(eval $(call build-package,libraries/ghci,dist-install,1)))
$(if $(filter ghci,$(PACKAGES_STAGE2)),$(eval $(call build-package,libraries/ghci,dist-install,2)))
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