Commit cd050fe6 authored by panne's avatar panne
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[project @ 2000-03-21 09:48:28 by panne]

After Simon's last commit it suffices to mention libHS once (that was
exactly what I was trying in that second :-)
parent 6ad72c2b
......@@ -1155,9 +1155,7 @@ sub setupSyslibs {
# Push library HSrts, plus boring clib bit
# Note: The scheduler references a closure from PrelException,
# so the prelude lib is mentioned once again here.
push(@SysLibrary, "-lHSrts${BuildTag} -lHS${BuildTag}");
push(@SysLibrary, "-lHSrts${BuildTag}");
# RTS compiled with cygwin32, uses the WinMM API
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