Commit cd389284 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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add mapSuccessors

parent 846a43cb
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ module CmmNode (
CmmNode(..), ForeignHint(..), CmmFormal, CmmActual,
UpdFrameOffset, Convention(..), ForeignConvention(..), ForeignTarget(..),
mapExp, mapExpDeep, wrapRecExp, foldExp, foldExpDeep, wrapRecExpf,
mapExpM, mapExpDeepM, wrapRecExpM
mapExpM, mapExpDeepM, wrapRecExpM, mapSuccessors
) where
import CmmExpr
......@@ -430,3 +430,11 @@ foldExpDeep f = foldExp go
gos [] z = z
gos (e:es) z = gos es $! f e z
-- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
mapSuccessors :: (Label -> Label) -> CmmNode O C -> CmmNode O C
mapSuccessors f (CmmBranch bid) = CmmBranch (f bid)
mapSuccessors f (CmmCondBranch p y n) = CmmCondBranch p (f y) (f n)
mapSuccessors f (CmmSwitch e arms) = CmmSwitch e (map (fmap f) arms)
mapSuccessors f n = n
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