Commit cd759f05 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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set $(BOOTSTRAPPING_PACKAGE_CONF_HC_OPTS) automatically based on $(HC)

This fixes nofib
parent 41b9dfa5
......@@ -924,13 +924,22 @@ else # not UseStage1 or BootingFromHc
HC = @WithHc@
GhcVersion = @GhcVersion@
GhcPatchLevel = @GhcPatchLevel@
GhcMajVersion = @GhcMajVersion@
GhcMinVersion = @GhcMinVersion@
# We build a few packages using the installed GHC as part of the
# bootstrapping process. These are installed into a local
# package.conf file, $(BOOTSTRAPPING_CONF). When we invoke the
# installed GHC we need to pass it -package-conf $(BOOTSTRAPPING_CONF).
# So the following variables expand to -package-conf $(BOOTSTRAPPING_CONF)
# when $(HC) does *not* point to one of the GHC binaries built in
# the local tree.
# Some useful GHC version predicates:
ghc_ge_605 = @ghc_ge_605@
ghc_ge_607 = @ghc_ge_607@
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