Commit ce1b0fe2 authored by simonmar's avatar simonmar
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[project @ 2000-05-30 14:27:38 by simonmar]

only add implicit occs for bindIO & returnIO for foreign export, not
for foreign import.
parent 9927aec3
......@@ -28,7 +28,8 @@ import RnEnv ( bindTyVarsRn, lookupBndrRn, lookupOccRn, getIPName,
checkDupOrQualNames, checkDupNames,
mkImportedGlobalName, mkImportedGlobalFromRdrName,
newDFunName, getDFunKey, newImplicitBinder,
FreeVars, emptyFVs, plusFV, plusFVs, unitFV, addOneFV, mapFvRn
FreeVars, emptyFVs, plusFV, plusFVs, unitFV,
addOneFV, mapFvRn
import RnMonad
......@@ -353,18 +354,21 @@ rnDecl (ForD (ForeignDecl name imp_exp ty ext_nm cconv src_loc))
lookupOccRn name `thenRn` \ name' ->
extra_fvs FoExport
| isDyn = lookupImplicitOccsRn [makeStablePtr_RDR, deRefStablePtr_RDR]
| otherwise = returnRn (unitFV name')
| isDyn =
lookupImplicitOccsRn [makeStablePtr_RDR, deRefStablePtr_RDR,
bindIO_RDR, returnIO_RDR]
| otherwise =
lookupImplicitOccsRn [bindIO_RDR, returnIO_RDR] `thenRn` \ fvs ->
returnRn (addOneFV fvs name')
extra_fvs other = returnRn emptyFVs
checkRn (ok_ext_nm ext_nm) (badExtName ext_nm) `thenRn_`
lookupImplicitOccsRn [bindIO_RDR, returnIO_RDR] `thenRn` \ fvs1 ->
extra_fvs imp_exp `thenRn` \ fvs2 ->
extra_fvs imp_exp `thenRn` \ fvs1 ->
rnHsSigType fo_decl_msg ty `thenRn` \ (ty', fvs3) ->
rnHsSigType fo_decl_msg ty `thenRn` \ (ty', fvs2) ->
returnRn (ForD (ForeignDecl name' imp_exp ty' ext_nm cconv src_loc),
fvs1 `plusFV` fvs2 `plusFV` fvs3)
fvs1 `plusFV` fvs2)
fo_decl_msg = ptext SLIT("a foreign declaration")
isDyn = isDynamicExtName ext_nm
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