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Revamp the treatment of auxiliary bindings for derived instances

This started as a simple fix for #18321 that organically grew into a
much more sweeping refactor of how auxiliary bindings for derived
instances are handled. I have rewritten `Note [Auxiliary binders]`
in `GHC.Tc.Deriv.Generate` to explain all of the moving parts, but
the highlights are:

* Previously, the OccName of each auxiliary binding would be given
  a suffix containing a hash of its package name, module name, and
  parent data type to avoid name clashes. This was needlessly
  complicated, so we take the more direct approach of generating
  `Exact` `RdrName`s for each auxiliary binding with the same
  `OccName`, but using an underlying `System` `Name` with a fresh
  `Unique` for each binding. Unlike hashes, allocating new `Unique`s
  does not require any cleverness and avoid name clashes all the
* ...speaking of which, in order to convince the renamer that multiple
  auxiliary bindings with the same `OccName` (but different
  `Unique`s) are kosher, we now use `rnLocalValBindsLHS` instead of
  `rnTopBindsLHS` to rename auxiliary bindings. Again, see
  `Note [Auxiliary binders]` for the full story.
* I have removed the `DerivHsBind` constructor for
  `DerivStuff`—which was only used for `Data.Data`-related
  auxiliary bindings—and refactored `gen_Data_binds` to use
  `DerivAuxBind` instead. This brings the treatment of
  `Data.Data`-related auxiliary bindings in line with every other
  form of auxiliary binding.

Fixes #18321.
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