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[project @ 2002-10-11 08:46:26 by simonpj]

Remove usage-analysis guff in applyTys
parent fe9000d8
......@@ -490,17 +490,18 @@ applyTy (ForAllTy tv ty) arg = substTyWith [tv] [arg] ty
applyTy other arg = panic "applyTy"
applyTys :: Type -> [Type] -> Type
applyTys fun_ty arg_tys
applyTys orig_fun_ty arg_tys
= substTyWith tvs arg_tys ty
(mu, tvs, ty) = split fun_ty arg_tys
(tvs, ty) = split orig_fun_ty arg_tys
split fun_ty [] = (Nothing, [], fun_ty)
split fun_ty [] = ([], fun_ty)
split (NoteTy _ fun_ty) args = split fun_ty args
split (SourceTy p) args = split (sourceTypeRep p) args
split (ForAllTy tv fun_ty) (arg:args) = case split fun_ty args of
(mu, tvs, ty) -> (mu, tv:tvs, ty)
(tvs, ty) -> (tv:tvs, ty)
split other_ty args = panic "applyTys"
-- No show instance for Type yet
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