Commit cecf7b54 authored by's avatar

Use -shared for the prof ways

I'm not sure whether it makes more sense to make this change, or to
change the build system to build -prof -dynamic libraries. But at least
this change suffices to make the two match, so the tests don't all fail
due to missing libraries.
parent 5ec6ea3e
......@@ -78,9 +78,9 @@ config.way_flags = {
'llvm' : ['-fllvm'],
'optllvm' : ['-O', '-fllvm'],
'debugllvm' : ['-fllvm', '-keep-llvm-files'],
'prof' : ['-prof', '-auto-all', '-fasm'],
'profasm' : ['-O', '-prof', '-auto-all'],
'profthreaded' : ['-O', '-prof', '-auto-all', '-threaded'],
'prof' : ['-prof', '-static', '-auto-all', '-fasm'],
'profasm' : ['-O', '-prof', '-static', '-auto-all'],
'profthreaded' : ['-O', '-prof', '-static', '-auto-all', '-threaded'],
'ghci' : ['--interactive', '-v0', '-ignore-dot-ghci', '+RTS', '-I0.1', '-RTS'],
'extcore' : ['-fext-core'],
'optextcore' : ['-O', '-fext-core'],
......@@ -89,17 +89,17 @@ config.way_flags = {
'threaded2' : ['-O', '-threaded', '-eventlog'],
'threaded2_hT' : ['-O', '-threaded'],
'hpc' : ['-O', '-fhpc' ],
'prof_hc_hb' : ['-O', '-prof', '-auto-all'],
'prof_hb' : ['-O', '-prof', '-auto-all'],
'prof_hd' : ['-O', '-prof', '-auto-all'],
'prof_hy' : ['-O', '-prof', '-auto-all'],
'prof_hr' : ['-O', '-prof', '-auto-all'],
'prof_hc_hb' : ['-O', '-prof', '-static', '-auto-all'],
'prof_hb' : ['-O', '-prof', '-static', '-auto-all'],
'prof_hd' : ['-O', '-prof', '-static', '-auto-all'],
'prof_hy' : ['-O', '-prof', '-static', '-auto-all'],
'prof_hr' : ['-O', '-prof', '-static', '-auto-all'],
'dyn' : ['-O', '-dynamic'],
'static' : ['-O', '-static'],
# llvm variants...
'profllvm' : ['-prof', '-auto-all', '-fllvm'],
'profoptllvm' : ['-O', '-prof', '-auto-all', '-fllvm'],
'profthreadedllvm' : ['-O', '-prof', '-auto-all', '-threaded', '-fllvm'],
'profllvm' : ['-prof', '-static', '-auto-all', '-fllvm'],
'profoptllvm' : ['-O', '-prof', '-static', '-auto-all', '-fllvm'],
'profthreadedllvm' : ['-O', '-prof', '-static', '-auto-all', '-threaded', '-fllvm'],
'threaded1llvm' : ['-threaded', '-debug', '-fllvm'],
'threaded2llvm' : ['-O', '-threaded', '-eventlog', '-fllvm'],
'dynllvm' : ['-O', '-dynamic', '-fllvm']
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