Commit cf57f8f9 authored by thomie's avatar thomie

Travis: do pass `--quiet` to validate

It's failing at the moment with "The log length has exceeded the limit
of 4 Megabytes".

We don't seem to have periods of >10 minutes without output after all,
which was the initial reason of not using `--quiet`.
parent e3df1b1e
......@@ -48,6 +48,4 @@ script:
- echo 'DYNAMIC_GHC_PROGRAMS = NO' >> mk/
- echo 'GhcLibWays = v' >> mk/
- if [ "$DEBUG_STAGE2" = "YES" ]; then echo 'GhcStage2HcOpts += -DDEBUG' >> mk/; fi
# Don't use --quiet, as it might cause the testsuite to not print output for
# over 10 minutes, causing Travis to kill our job.
- THREADS=3 SKIP_PERF_TESTS=YES ./validate --fast
- THREADS=3 SKIP_PERF_TESTS=YES ./validate --fast --quiet
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