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make it easier to have debugging code typechecked even when debugging is turned off

parent 7457c489
......@@ -37,12 +37,14 @@ name = (value) :: IORef (ty); \
#define COMMA ,
#ifdef DEBUG
#define debugIsOn True
#define ASSERT(e) if (not (e)) then (assertPanic __FILE__ __LINE__) else
#define ASSERT2(e,msg) if (not (e)) then (assertPprPanic __FILE__ __LINE__ (msg)) else
#define WARN( e, msg ) (warnPprTrace (e) __FILE__ __LINE__ (msg))
#define ASSERTM(mbool) do { bool <- mbool; ASSERT(bool) return () }
#define ASSERTM2(mbool,msg) do { bool <- mbool; ASSERT2(bool,msg) return () }
#define debugIsOn False
-- We have to actually use all the variables we are given or we may get
-- unused variable warnings when DEBUG is off.
#define ASSERT(e) if False && (not (e)) then panic "ASSERT" else
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