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parent 762c2863
...@@ -15,10 +15,9 @@ drvfail-functor2.hs:15:14: ...@@ -15,10 +15,9 @@ drvfail-functor2.hs:15:14:
In the newtype declaration for `NoArguments' In the newtype declaration for `NoArguments'
drvfail-functor2.hs:20:14: drvfail-functor2.hs:20:14:
Can't derive instances where the instance context mentions Can't make a derived instance of `Functor StupidConstraint':
type variables that are not data type parameters Data type `StupidConstraint' has a class context (Eq a)
Offending constraint: Eq a In the data type declaration for `StupidConstraint'
When deriving the instance for (Functor StupidConstraint)
drvfail-functor2.hs:26:14: drvfail-functor2.hs:26:14:
No instance for (Functor NoFunctor) No instance for (Functor NoFunctor)
T3319.hs:1:1: T3319.hs:1:1: Splicing declarations
T3319.hs:1:1: Splicing declarations return
return [ForeignD
[ForeignD (ImportF
(ImportF CCall Unsafe "&" (mkName "foo") (AppT (ConT 'Ptr) (ConT '())))]
CCall Unsafe "&" (mkName "foo") (AppT (ConT 'Ptr) (ConT '())))] ======>
======> T3319.hs:8:3-93
T3319.hs:8:3-93 foreign import ccall unsafe "static &foo" foo :: Ptr GHC.Unit.()
foreign import ccall unsafe "static &foo" foo :: Ptr GHC.Unit.()
T3600.hs:1:1: T3600.hs:1:1: Splicing declarations
T3600.hs:1:1: Splicing declarations test
test ======>
======> T3600.hs:5:3-6
T3600.hs:5:3-6 myFunction = (testFun1 [], testFun2 "", testFun2 "x")
myFunction = (testFun1 [], testFun2 [], testFun2 "x")
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