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Embed doesn't store a PA dictionary any more

parent 55357088
......@@ -153,9 +153,10 @@ mkToPRepr ess
left_dc <- builtin leftDataCon
right_dc <- builtin rightDataCon
let mk_embed (expr, ty, pa)
= (mkConApp embed_dc [Type ty, pa, expr],
let mk_embed expr
= (mkConApp embed_dc [Type ty, expr],
mkTyConApp embed_tc [ty])
where ty = exprType expr
mk_cross (expr1, ty1) (expr2, ty2)
= (mkConApp cross_dc [Type ty1, Type ty2, expr1, expr2],
......@@ -172,14 +173,8 @@ mkToPRepr ess
(mkConApp left_dc [Type lty, Type rty, expr]
: [mkConApp right_dc [Type lty, Type rty, alt] | alt <- alts],
mkTyConApp plus_tc [lty, rty])
liftM (mk_sum . map (mk_tup . map mk_embed))
(mapM (mapM init) ess)
init expr = let ty = exprType expr
in do
pa <- paDictOfType ty
return (expr, ty, pa)
return . mk_sum $ map (mk_tup . map mk_embed) ess
mkFromPRepr :: CoreExpr -> Type -> [([Var], CoreExpr)] -> VM CoreExpr
mkFromPRepr scrut res_ty alts
......@@ -191,24 +186,22 @@ mkFromPRepr scrut res_ty alts
pa_tc <- builtin paTyCon
let un_embed expr ty var res
= do
pa <- newLocalVar FSLIT("pa") (mkTyConApp pa_tc [idType var])
return $ Case expr (mkWildId ty) res_ty
[(DataAlt embed_dc, [pa, var], res)]
= Case expr (mkWildId ty) res_ty
[(DataAlt embed_dc, [var], res)]
un_cross expr ty var1 var2 res
= Case expr (mkWildId ty) res_ty
[(DataAlt cross_dc, [var1, var2], res)]
un_tup expr ty [] res = return res
un_tup expr ty [var] res = un_embed expr ty var res
un_tup expr ty [var] res = return $ un_embed expr ty var res
un_tup expr ty (var : vars) res
= do
lv <- newLocalVar FSLIT("x") lty
rv <- newLocalVar FSLIT("y") rty
liftM (un_cross expr ty lv rv)
(un_embed (Var lv) lty var
=<< un_tup (Var rv) rty vars res)
liftM (un_cross expr ty lv rv
. un_embed (Var lv) lty var)
(un_tup (Var rv) rty vars res)
(lty, rty) = splitCrossTy ty
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