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CmmToC: fix CmmRegOff for 64-bit register on a 32-bit target

We used to print the offset value to a platform word sized integer.
This is incorrect when the offset is negative (e.g. output of cmm
constant folding) and the register is 64-bit but on a 32-bit target,
and may lead to incorrect runtime result (e.g. #22607).

The fix is simple: just treat it as a proper MO_Add, with the correct
width info inferred from the register itself.

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......@@ -382,8 +382,8 @@ pprExpr platform e = case e of
CmmRegOff reg 0 -> pprCastReg reg
-- CmmRegOff is an alias of MO_Add
CmmRegOff reg i -> pprCastReg reg <> char '+' <>
pprHexVal platform (fromIntegral i) (wordWidth platform)
CmmRegOff reg i -> pprExpr platform $ CmmMachOp (MO_Add w) [CmmReg reg, CmmLit $ CmmInt (toInteger i) w]
where w = cmmRegWidth platform reg
CmmMachOp mop args -> pprMachOpApp platform mop args
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