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This test now compiles without errors

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......@@ -2,16 +2,21 @@ TOP=../../../..
include $(TOP)/mk/
include $(TOP)/mk/
# Original comments relating to GHC 6.4:
# This test caused a panic in GHC 6.4, but in reality it is user
# error, caused by compiling separate modules in the program using
# different search paths. GHC gets confused when it can't find a
# module mentioned as a dependency in another interface file.
# Update for GHC 6.6:
# This test now succeeds, because A.hi records the fact that B.C
# came from the package test-1.0, so there's no conflict.
# If the package format changes, we might have to re-generate pkg.conf
# using the supplied Cabal configuration.
@$(TEST_HC) --make B.C -no-recomp -v0
@$(TEST_HC) --make -package-name test-1.0 B.C -no-recomp -v0
@sed "s@__IMPORT__@`pwd`@" < >pkg.conf
@$(TEST_HC) -c -package-conf pkg.conf -package test -no-recomp A.hs -i
-@$(TEST_HC) -c -package-conf pkg.conf -package test -no-recomp Main.hs
Interface file inconsistency:
home-package module `B.C' is mentioned,
but does not appear in the dependencies of the interface
Cannot continue after interface file error
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