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turning off -fhpc in stage1 built ghc

parent 6646a022
......@@ -284,8 +284,12 @@ opt_AutoSccsOnIndividualCafs = lookUp FSLIT("-fauto-sccs-on-individual-cafs")
opt_SccProfilingOn = lookUp FSLIT("-fscc-profiling")
opt_DoTickyProfiling = WayTicky `elem` (unsafePerformIO $ readIORef v_Ways)
-- Hpc opts
-- Hpc opts, only work in a stage2 build
#if GHCI
opt_Hpc = lookUp FSLIT("-fhpc")
opt_Hpc = False
-- language opts
opt_DictsStrict = lookUp FSLIT("-fdicts-strict")
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