Commit d327f5ef authored by simonmar's avatar simonmar
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[project @ 2001-07-02 10:08:52 by simonmar]

The hc-file bundle should contain the .hs files generated from .hsc
files because of a chicken-egg problem with building hsc2hs.
parent 70828f20
......@@ -298,6 +298,11 @@ hc-file-bundle : project-check
$(ProjectNameShort)-$(ProjectVersion)/ghc/lib \
$(ProjectNameShort)-$(ProjectVersion)/hslibs \
-name "*.hc" -o -name "*_hsc.[ch]" -o -name "*_stub.[ch]" > hc-files-to-go
find $(ProjectNameShort)-$(ProjectVersion)/ghc/compiler \
$(ProjectNameShort)-$(ProjectVersion)/ghc/driver \
$(ProjectNameShort)-$(ProjectVersion)/ghc/lib \
$(ProjectNameShort)-$(ProjectVersion)/hslibs \
-name "*.hsc" | sed 's/hsc$/hs$/g' >> hc-files-to-go
tar czf $(ProjectNameShort)-$(ProjectVersion)-$(TARGETPLATFORM)-hc.tar.gz `cat hc-files-to-go`
CLEAN_FILES += hc-files-to-go *-hc.tar.gz
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