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Turning off case liberation when using the hpc option, for now

Consider the following code

     f = g (case v of
              V a b -> a : t f)

where g is expensive. Liberate case will turn this into

     f = g (case v of
             V a b -> a : t (letrec f = g (case v of
                                           V a b -> a : f t)
                              in f)

Yikes! We evaluate g twice. This leads to a O(2^n) explosion
if g calls back to the same code recursively.

This happen sometimes in HPC, because every tick is a liberate-able case,
but is a general problem to case liberation (I think). 
parent f4ab4092
......@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ import PrelNames ( mAIN )
import StaticFlags ( opt_Static )
import StaticFlags ( opt_PIC, WayName(..), v_Ways, v_Build_tag,
v_RTS_Build_tag )
v_RTS_Build_tag, opt_Hpc )
import {-# SOURCE #-} Packages (PackageState)
import DriverPhases ( Phase(..), phaseInputExt )
import Config
......@@ -677,6 +677,7 @@ getCoreToDo dflags
cse = dopt Opt_CSE dflags
spec_constr = dopt Opt_SpecConstr dflags
liberate_case = dopt Opt_LiberateCase dflags
&& not opt_Hpc
rule_check = ruleCheck dflags
core_todo =
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