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Make sure to coalesce all the nodes found during iterative scanning

parent 12d0b388
......@@ -67,8 +67,12 @@ colorGraph iterative colors triv spill graph0
-- If iterative coalescing is enabled, the scanner will coalesce the graph as does its business.
-- We need to apply all the coalescences found by the scanner to the original
-- graph before doing assignColors.
-- Because we've got the whole, non-pruned graph here we turn on aggressive coalecing
-- to force all the (conservative) coalescences found during scanning.
(graph_scan_coalesced, _)
= mapAccumL (coalesceNodes False triv) graph_coalesced kksCoalesce2
= mapAccumL (coalesceNodes True triv) graph_coalesced kksCoalesce2
-- color the trivially colorable nodes
-- during scanning, keys of triv nodes were added to the front of the list as they were found
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