Commit d4cc74f1 authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones
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Preserve join-point arity in CoreOpt

Trac #15108 showed that the simple optimiser in CoreOpt
was accidentally eta-reducing a join point, so it didn't meet
its arity invariant.

This patch fixes it.  See Note [Preserve join-binding arity].
parent 07cc6039
......@@ -359,14 +359,25 @@ simple_bind_pair env@(SOE { soe_inl = inl_env, soe_subst = subst })
= (env { soe_inl = extendVarEnv inl_env in_bndr clo }, Nothing)
| otherwise
= simple_out_bind_pair env in_bndr mb_out_bndr
(simple_opt_clo env clo)
= simple_out_bind_pair env in_bndr mb_out_bndr out_rhs
occ active stable_unf
stable_unf = isStableUnfolding (idUnfolding in_bndr)
active = isAlwaysActive (idInlineActivation in_bndr)
occ = idOccInfo in_bndr
out_rhs | Just join_arity <- isJoinId_maybe in_bndr
= simple_join_rhs join_arity
| otherwise
= simple_opt_clo env clo
simple_join_rhs join_arity -- See Note [Preserve join-binding arity]
= mkLams join_bndrs' (simple_opt_expr env_body join_body)
env0 = soeSetInScope env rhs_env
(join_bndrs, join_body) = collectNBinders join_arity in_rhs
(env_body, join_bndrs') = subst_opt_bndrs env0 join_bndrs
pre_inline_unconditionally :: Bool
| isCoVar in_bndr = False -- See Note [Do not inline CoVars unconditionally]
......@@ -451,6 +462,14 @@ trivial ones. But we do here! Why? In the simple optimiser
Those differences obviate the reasons for not inlining a trivial rhs,
and increase the benefit for doing so. So we unconditionally inline trivial
rhss here.
Note [Preserve join-binding arity]
Be careful /not/ to eta-reduce the RHS of a join point, lest we lose
the join-point arity invariant. Trac #15108 was caused by simplifying
the RHS with simple_opt_expr, which does eta-reduction. Solution:
simplify the RHS of a join point by simplifying under the lambdas
(which of course should be there).
......@@ -7,4 +7,4 @@ test('T2410', [only_ways(['normal']), req_profiling], compile, ['-O2 -prof -fpro
test('T5889', [only_ways(['normal']), req_profiling, extra_files(['T5889/A.hs', 'T5889/B.hs'])], multimod_compile, ['A B', '-O -prof -fno-prof-count-entries -v0'])
test('T12790', [only_ways(['normal']), req_profiling], compile, ['-O -prof'])
test('T14931', [only_ways(['normal']), req_profiling], run_command, ['$MAKE -s --no-print-directory T14931'])
test('T15108', [only_ways(['normal']), req_profiling, expect_broken(15108)], compile, ['-O -prof -fprof-auto'])
test('T15108', [only_ways(['normal']), req_profiling], compile, ['-O -prof -fprof-auto'])
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