Commit d4d383b8 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow

Fix -split-objs: there was a bad interaction with the recent changes

to the way stub files were handled.
parent 3617df39
......@@ -1178,7 +1178,9 @@ runPhase As input_fn dflags
runPhase SplitAs _input_fn dflags
= do
next_phase <- maybeMergeStub
-- we'll handle the stub_o file in this phase, so don't MergeStub,
-- just jump straight to StopLn afterwards.
let next_phase = StopLn
output_fn <- phaseOutputFilename next_phase
let base_o = dropExtension output_fn
......@@ -1226,8 +1228,15 @@ runPhase SplitAs _input_fn dflags
io $ mapM_ assemble_file [1..n]
-- If there's a stub_o file, then we make it the n+1th split object.
PipeState{maybe_stub_o} <- getPipeState
n' <- case maybe_stub_o of
Nothing -> return n
Just stub_o -> do io $ copyFile stub_o (split_obj (n+1))
return (n+1)
-- join them into a single .o file
io $ joinObjectFiles dflags (map split_obj [1..n]) output_fn
io $ joinObjectFiles dflags (map split_obj [1..n']) output_fn
return (next_phase, output_fn)
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