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Reuse the lifting context Var

parent 29df68c2
......@@ -256,10 +256,9 @@ vectLam lc fvs bs body
buildClosures tyvars lc vvs arg_tys res_ty
. hoistPolyVExpr tyvars
$ do
new_lc <- newLocalVar FSLIT("lc") intPrimTy
(vbndrs, vbody) <- vectBndrsIn (vs ++ bs)
(vectExpr new_lc body)
return $ vLams new_lc vbndrs vbody
(vectExpr lc body)
return $ vLams lc vbndrs vbody
vectTyAppExpr :: Var -> CoreExprWithFVs -> [Type] -> VM VExpr
vectTyAppExpr lc (_, AnnVar v) tys = vectPolyVar lc v tys
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