Commit d5170890 authored by Tamar Christina's avatar Tamar Christina Committed by Ben Gamari
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Revert "compiler: Disable atomic renaming on Windows"

The original reason this was disabled should be fixed by the previous

This reverts commit 1c1b63d6.
parent 8f6fd089
......@@ -1291,8 +1291,7 @@ modificationTimeIfExists f = do
-- also results in a skip.
withAtomicRename :: (MonadIO m) => FilePath -> (FilePath -> m a) -> m a
withAtomicRename targetFile f
| enableAtomicRename = do
withAtomicRename targetFile f = do
-- The temp file must be on the same file system (mount) as the target file
-- to result in an atomic move on most platforms.
-- The standard way to ensure that is to place it into the same directory.
......@@ -1303,17 +1302,6 @@ withAtomicRename targetFile f
liftIO $ renameFile temp targetFile
return res
| otherwise = f targetFile
-- As described in #16450, enabling this causes spurious build failures due
-- to apparently missing files.
enableAtomicRename :: Bool
#if defined(mingw32_BUILD_OS)
enableAtomicRename = False
enableAtomicRename = True
-- --------------------------------------------------------------
-- split a string at the last character where 'pred' is True,
-- returning a pair of strings. The first component holds the string
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