Commit d61c7e8d authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones
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Make TcLevel increase by 1 not 2

Make the TcLevel of a flatten-meta-var be always zero.
See TcType.fmvTcLevel.

This allows the levels of implication constraints to to
up by 1 each time instead of 2, which is less confusing.

This change has no effect on type checking.
parent cdbc73ae
......@@ -646,23 +646,18 @@ Note [TcLevel assignment]
We arrange the TcLevels like this
0 Level for flatten meta-vars
1 Top level
2 Flatten-meta-vars of level 3
3 First-level implication constraints
4 Flatten-meta-vars of level 5
5 Second-level implication constraints
2 First-level implication constraints
3 Second-level implication constraints
The even-numbered levels are for the flatten-meta-variables assigned
at the next level in. Eg for a second-level implication constraint
(level 5), the flatten meta-vars are level 4, which makes them untouchable.
The flatten meta-vars could equally well all have level 0, or just NotALevel
since they do not live across implications.
The flatten meta-vars are all at level 0, just to make them untouchable.
fmvTcLevel :: TcLevel -> TcLevel
-- See Note [TcLevel assignment]
fmvTcLevel (TcLevel n) = TcLevel (n-1)
fmvTcLevel _ = TcLevel 0
topTcLevel :: TcLevel
-- See Note [TcLevel assignment]
......@@ -674,7 +669,7 @@ isTopTcLevel _ = False
pushTcLevel :: TcLevel -> TcLevel
-- See Note [TcLevel assignment]
pushTcLevel (TcLevel us) = TcLevel (us + 2)
pushTcLevel (TcLevel us) = TcLevel (us + 1)
strictlyDeeperThan :: TcLevel -> TcLevel -> Bool
strictlyDeeperThan (TcLevel tv_tclvl) (TcLevel ctxt_tclvl)
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