Commit d6b1060c authored by Bertram Felgenhauer's avatar Bertram Felgenhauer
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fix Data.Map.updateAt

See for a piece
of code triggering the bug. updateAt threw away parts of the tree making up
the map.
parent 74859e7c
......@@ -523,8 +523,8 @@ updateAt :: (k -> a -> Maybe a) -> Int -> Map k a -> Map k a
updateAt f i Tip = error "Map.updateAt: index out of range"
updateAt f i (Bin sx kx x l r)
= case compare i sizeL of
LT -> updateAt f i l
GT -> updateAt f (i-sizeL-1) r
LT -> balance kx x (updateAt f i l) r
GT -> balance kx x l (updateAt f (i-sizeL-1) r)
EQ -> case f kx x of
Just x' -> Bin sx kx x' l r
Nothing -> glue l r
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