Commit d6ceeaac authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones
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Change wording of "main is not defined in Main" message (Trac #7816)

parent 202f60a6
......@@ -1102,9 +1102,9 @@ check_main dflags tcg_env
ppMainFn :: RdrName -> SDoc
ppMainFn main_fn
| main_fn == main_RDR_Unqual
= ptext (sLit "function") <+> quotes (ppr main_fn)
= ptext (sLit "IO action") <+> quotes (ppr main_fn)
| otherwise
= ptext (sLit "main function") <+> quotes (ppr main_fn)
= ptext (sLit "main IO action") <+> quotes (ppr main_fn)
-- | Get the unqualified name of the function to use as the \"main\" for the main module.
-- Either returns the default name or the one configured on the command line with -main-is
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