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Add a compileToCore function to the GHC API

Added a compileToCore function to the GHC API that takes a
  session, module, and filename, and returns a list of Core
  bindings if successful. This is just a first try and could
  probably be improved (for example, there's probably a way to
  get the filename from the module so that it doesn't have to 
  be passed in, I just don't see it offhand.)
parent 675f083f
......@@ -41,6 +41,7 @@ module GHC (
checkModule, CheckedModule(..),
TypecheckedSource, ParsedSource, RenamedSource,
-- * Parsing Haddock comments
......@@ -225,8 +226,11 @@ import Name hiding ( varName )
import OccName ( parenSymOcc )
import InstEnv ( Instance, instanceDFunId, pprInstance, pprInstanceHdr )
import SrcLoc
import Desugar
import CoreSyn
import TcRnDriver ( tcRnModule )
import DriverPipeline
import DriverPhases ( Phase(..), isHaskellSrcFilename, startPhase )
import DriverPhases ( HscSource(..), Phase(..), isHaskellSrcFilename, startPhase )
import HeaderInfo ( getImports, getOptions )
import Finder
import HscMain ( newHscEnv, hscFileCheck, HscChecked(..) )
......@@ -827,7 +831,34 @@ checkModule session@(Session ref) mod = do
typecheckedSource = Just tc_binds,
checkedModuleInfo = Just minf }))
-- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
-- | This is the way to get access to the Core bindings corresponding
-- to a module. 'compileToCore' first invokes 'checkModule' to parse and
-- typecheck the module, then desugars it and returns the resulting list
-- of Core bindings if successful.
compileToCore :: Session -> ModuleName -> FilePath -> IO (Maybe [CoreBind])
compileToCore session@(Session ref) mod fn = do
hsc_env <- readIORef ref
maybeCheckedModule <- checkModule session mod
case maybeCheckedModule of
Nothing -> return Nothing
Just checkedMod -> do
let parsedMod = parsedSource checkedMod
-- Note: this typechecks the module twice (because checkModule
-- also calls tcRnModule), but arranging for checkModule to
-- return the type env would require changing a lot of data
-- structures, so I'm leaving it like that for now.
(_, maybe_tc_result) <- tcRnModule hsc_env HsSrcFile False parsedMod
case maybe_tc_result of
-- TODO: this ignores the type error messages and just returns Nothing
Nothing -> return Nothing
Just tcgEnv -> do
let dflags = hsc_dflags hsc_env
location <- mkHomeModLocation dflags mod fn
maybeModGuts <- deSugar hsc_env location tcgEnv
case maybeModGuts of
Nothing -> return Nothing
Just mg -> return $ Just $ mg_binds mg
-- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
-- Unloading
unload :: HscEnv -> [Linkable] -> IO ()
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