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FIX #1713: watch out for type families in splitAppTy functions

parent b4ad75e9
......@@ -281,10 +281,12 @@ repSplitAppTy_maybe :: Type -> Maybe (Type,Type)
-- Does the AppTy split, but assumes that any view stuff is already done
repSplitAppTy_maybe (FunTy ty1 ty2) = Just (TyConApp funTyCon [ty1], ty2)
repSplitAppTy_maybe (AppTy ty1 ty2) = Just (ty1, ty2)
repSplitAppTy_maybe (TyConApp tc tys) = case snocView tys of
Just (tys', ty') -> Just (TyConApp tc tys', ty')
Nothing -> Nothing
repSplitAppTy_maybe other = Nothing
repSplitAppTy_maybe (TyConApp tc tys)
| not (isOpenSynTyCon tc) || length tys > tyConArity tc
= case snocView tys of -- never create unsaturated type family apps
Just (tys', ty') -> Just (TyConApp tc tys', ty')
Nothing -> Nothing
repSplitAppTy_maybe _other = Nothing
splitAppTy :: Type -> (Type, Type)
splitAppTy ty = case splitAppTy_maybe ty of
......@@ -297,7 +299,13 @@ splitAppTys ty = split ty ty []
split orig_ty ty args | Just ty' <- coreView ty = split orig_ty ty' args
split orig_ty (AppTy ty arg) args = split ty ty (arg:args)
split orig_ty (TyConApp tc tc_args) args = (TyConApp tc [], tc_args ++ args)
split orig_ty (TyConApp tc tc_args) args
= let -- keep type families saturated
n | isOpenSynTyCon tc = tyConArity tc
| otherwise = 0
(tc_args1, tc_args2) = splitAt n tc_args
(TyConApp tc tc_args1, tc_args2 ++ args)
split orig_ty (FunTy ty1 ty2) args = ASSERT( null args )
(TyConApp funTyCon [], [ty1,ty2])
split orig_ty ty args = (orig_ty, args)
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