Commit d8c144e8 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Skip print026 in the 6.8 branch

It fails for me, but not consistently - possibly only with a validate
build. Seems plausible that the problem is something like library build

-l = Data.Sequence.Seq (Data.Sequence.Deep 3
-                                          (Data.Sequence.One (Data.Sequence.Elem 'a')) Data.Sequence.Empty
-                                          (Data.Sequence.Two (Data.Sequence.Elem 'b') (Data.Sequence.Elem 'c')))
+l = <Data.Sequence.Deep> (<Data.Sequence.One> 'a') <Data.Sequence.Empty>
+                         (<Data.Sequence.Two> 'b' 'c')
parent 59f9991a
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ test('print022', if_compiler_lt('ghc','6.9', skip), ghci_script, ['print022.scri
test('print023', normal, ghci_script, ['print023.script'])
test('print024', normal, ghci_script, ['print024.script'])
test('print025', normal, ghci_script, ['print025.script'])
test('print026', normal, ghci_script, ['print026.script'])
test('print026', if_compiler_lt('ghc','6.9', skip), ghci_script, ['print026.script'])
test('print027', normal, ghci_script, ['print027.script'])
test('print028', if_compiler_lt('ghc','6.9', namebase('print028-6.8')), ghci_script, ['print028.script'])
test('print029', expect_broken(1995), ghci_script, ['print029.script'])
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