Commit d8c19062 authored by panne's avatar panne

[project @ 2000-04-20 16:22:46 by panne]

I'm not sure if the last commit of MkId.lhs was incorrect or
incomplete. Anyway, to build hsc I've commented out the now
superfluous parameter for mkDictSelId (marked with "SUP:???").
parent 13ceb098
......@@ -251,10 +251,10 @@ tcClassContext class_name rec_class rec_tyvars context sc_sel_names
rec_tyvar_tys = mkTyVarTys rec_tyvars
mk_super_id name dict_ty
= mkDictSelId name rec_class ty
= mkDictSelId name rec_class {- SUP:??? ty
ty = mkForAllTys rec_tyvars $
mkFunTy (mkDictTy rec_class rec_tyvar_tys) dict_ty
mkFunTy (mkDictTy rec_class rec_tyvar_tys) dict_ty -}
check_constraint (HsPClass c tys) = checkTc (all is_tyvar tys)
(superClassErr class_name (c, tys))
......@@ -289,7 +289,7 @@ tcClassSig rec_env rec_clas rec_clas_tyvars
-- Build the selector id and default method id
sel_id = mkDictSelId op_name rec_clas global_ty
sel_id = mkDictSelId op_name rec_clas {- SUP:??? global_ty -}
dm_id = mkDefaultMethodId dm_name rec_clas global_ty
final_dm_id = tcAddImportedIdInfo rec_env dm_id
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