Commit da12da79 authored by Daniel Gröber (dxld)'s avatar Daniel Gröber (dxld)

rts: retainer: Remove cStackSize debug counter

This can only ever be one since 5f1d949a ("Remove explicit recursion in
retainer profiling"), so it's pointless.
parent fa66e3e5
......@@ -102,15 +102,6 @@ static uint32_t checkHeapSanityForRetainerProfiling( void );
static void retainPushClosure( StgClosure *p, StgClosure *c, retainer c_child_r);
#if defined(DEBUG_RETAINER)
cStackSize records how many times retainStack() has been invoked recursively,
that is, the number of activation records for retainStack() on the C stack.
maxCStackSize records its max value.
cStackSize <= maxCStackSize
static uint32_t cStackSize, maxCStackSize;
static uint32_t sumOfNewCost; // sum of the cost of each object, computed
// when the object is first visited
static uint32_t sumOfNewCostExtra; // for those objects not visited during
......@@ -225,7 +216,7 @@ static stackElement *currentStackBoundary;
stackSize is just an estimate measure of the depth of the graph. The reason
is that some heap objects have only a single child and may not result
in a new element being pushed onto the stack. Therefore, at the end of
retainer profiling, maxStackSize + maxCStackSize is some value no greater
retainer profiling, maxStackSize is some value no greater
than the actual depth of the graph.
static int stackSize, maxStackSize;
......@@ -1244,11 +1235,6 @@ retainStack( StgClosure *c, retainer c_child_r,
StgWord bitmap;
uint32_t size;
#if defined(DEBUG_RETAINER)
if (cStackSize > maxCStackSize) maxCStackSize = cStackSize;
Each invocation of retainStack() creates a new virtual
stack. Since all such stacks share a single common stack, we
......@@ -1358,10 +1344,6 @@ retainStack( StgClosure *c, retainer c_child_r,
debugBelch("retainStack() finished: currentStackBoundary = 0x%x\n",
#if defined(DEBUG_RETAINER)
/* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
......@@ -1943,8 +1925,6 @@ retainerProfile(void)
#if defined(DEBUG_RETAINER)
stackSize = 0;
maxStackSize = 0;
cStackSize = 0;
maxCStackSize = 0;
numObjectVisited = 0;
timesAnyObjectVisited = 0;
......@@ -2022,7 +2002,7 @@ retainerProfile(void)
retainerGeneration - 1, // retainerGeneration has just been incremented!
#if defined(DEBUG_RETAINER)
maxCStackSize, maxStackSize,
(double)timesAnyObjectVisited / numObjectVisited);
......@@ -516,7 +516,6 @@ void
uint32_t retainerGeneration,
#if defined(DEBUG_RETAINER)
uint32_t maxCStackSize,
int maxStackSize,
double averageNumVisit)
......@@ -530,7 +529,6 @@ stat_endRP(
fprintf(prof_file, "Retainer Profiling: %d, at %f seconds\n",
retainerGeneration, mut_user_time_during_RP());
#if defined(DEBUG_RETAINER)
fprintf(prof_file, "\tMax C stack size = %u\n", maxCStackSize);
fprintf(prof_file, "\tMax auxiliary stack size = %u\n", maxStackSize);
fprintf(prof_file, "\tAverage number of visits per object = %f\n",
......@@ -41,9 +41,9 @@ void stat_endGC (Capability *cap, struct gc_thread_ *_gct, W_ live,
void stat_startRP(void);
void stat_endRP(uint32_t,
#if defined(DEBUG_RETAINER)
uint32_t, int,
#endif /* PROFILING */
#if defined(PROFILING) || defined(DEBUG)
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