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<sect2 id="include-pragma">
<title>INCLUDE pragma</title>
<para>The <literal>INCLUDE</literal> pragma is for specifying the names
of C header files that should be <literal>#include</literal>'d into
the C source code generated by the compiler for the current module (if
compiling via C). For example:</para>
{-# INCLUDE "foo.h" #-}
{-# INCLUDE &lt;stdio.h&gt; #-}</programlisting>
<para>The <literal>INCLUDE</literal> pragma(s) must appear at the top of
your source file with any <literal>OPTIONS_GHC</literal>
<para>An <literal>INCLUDE</literal> pragma is the preferred alternative
to the <option>-#include</option> option (<xref
linkend="options-C-compiler" />), because the
<literal>INCLUDE</literal> pragma is understood by other
compilers. Yet another alternative is to add the include file to each
<literal>foreign import</literal> declaration in your code, but we
don't recommend using this approach with GHC.</para>
<sect2 id="inline-noinline-pragma">
<title>INLINE and NOINLINE pragmas</title>
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