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Describe optimisation of demand analysis of noinline

As described in #16588.
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......@@ -1595,6 +1595,14 @@ running the simplifier.
when we serialize an expression to the interface format. See
Note [Inlining and hs-boot files] in ToIface
Note that noinline as currently implemented can hide some simplifications since
it hides strictness from the demand analyser. Specifically, the demand analyser
will treat 'noinline f x' as lazy in 'x', even if the demand signature of 'f'
specifies that it is strict in its argument. We considered fixing this this by adding a
special case to the demand analyser to address #16588. However, the special
case seemed like a large and expensive hammer to address a rare case and
consequently we rather opted to use a more minimal solution.
Note [The oneShot function]
In the context of making left-folds fuse somewhat okish (see ticket #7994
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