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Fix grouping by module in the mi_exports, for indexed data type families

This is a little tricky.  See Note [Original module] in MkIface.
parent db769e48
......@@ -806,23 +806,54 @@ mkIfaceExports exports
| (mod, avails) <- fmToList groupFM
-- Group by the module where the exported entities are defined
-- (which may not be the same for all Names in an Avail)
-- Deliberately use FiniteMap rather than UniqFM so we
-- get a canonical ordering
groupFM :: ModuleEnv (FiniteMap FastString (GenAvailInfo OccName))
groupFM = foldl add emptyModuleEnv exports
add env avail
= extendModuleEnv_C add_avail env mod (unitFM avail_fs avail_occ)
add_one :: ModuleEnv (FiniteMap FastString (GenAvailInfo OccName))
-> Module -> GenAvailInfo OccName
-> ModuleEnv (FiniteMap FastString (GenAvailInfo OccName))
add_one env mod avail
= extendModuleEnv_C plusFM env mod
(unitFM (occNameFS (availName avail)) avail)
-- NB: we should not get T(X) and T(Y) in the export list
-- else the plusFM will simply discard one! They
-- should have been combined by now.
add env (Avail n)
= add_one env (nameModule n) (Avail (nameOccName n))
add env (AvailTC tc ns)
= foldl add_for_mod env mods
avail_occ = availToOccs avail
mod = nameModule (availName avail)
avail_fs = occNameFS (availName avail_occ)
add_avail avail_fm _ = addToFM avail_fm avail_fs avail_occ
availToOccs (Avail n) = Avail (nameOccName n)
availToOccs (AvailTC tc ns) = AvailTC (nameOccName tc) (map nameOccName ns)
tc_occ = nameOccName tc
mods = nub (map nameModule ns)
-- Usually just one, but see Note [Original module]
add_for_mod env mod
= add_one env mod (AvailTC tc_occ names_from_mod)
names_from_mod = [nameOccName n | n <- ns, nameModule n == mod]
Note [Orignal module]
Consider this:
module X where { data family T }
module Y( T(..) ) where { import X; data instance T Int = MkT Int }
The exported Avail from Y will look like
X.T{X.T, Y.MkT}
That is, in Y,
- only MkT is brought into scope by the data instance;
- but the parent (used for grouping and naming in T(..) exports) is X.T
- and in this case we export X.T too
In the result of MkIfaceExports, the names are grouped by defining module,
so we may need to split up a single Avail into multiple ones.
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