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[project @ 2002-06-09 13:40:53 by matthewc]

IA64 doesn't have TABLES_NEXT_TO_CODE (despite being registerised).
parent 16fc3bfa
......@@ -741,6 +741,14 @@ getBitsPerWordMinus1
-- IA64 mangler doesn't place tables next to code
tablesNextToCode :: Bool
#ifdef ia64_TARGET_ARCH
tablesNextToCode = False
tablesNextToCode = not opt_Unregisterised
-- This is the main top-level desugarer PrimOps into MachOps. First we
......@@ -913,17 +921,14 @@ dscCOpStmt [res] AddrToHValueOp [arg] vols
-- In the unregisterised case, we don't attempt to compute the location
-- of the tag halfword, just a macro. For this build, fixing on layout
-- info has only got drawbacks. [NOTE: We're faking it slightly here,
-- info table layout is a separate issue from having an unregistered
-- impl of the STG machine, but currently only the unregisterised build
-- doesn't have TABLES_NEXT_TO_CODE]
-- info has only got drawbacks.
-- Should this arrangement deeply offend you for some reason, code which
-- computes the offset can be found below also.
-- -- sof 3/02
dscCOpStmt [res] DataToTagOp [arg] vols
| opt_Unregisterised
| not tablesNextToCode
= returnFlt (CMacroStmt DATA_TO_TAGZH [res,arg])
| otherwise
= mkTemps [PtrRep, WordRep] `thenFlt` \ [t_infoptr, t_theword] ->
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