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Fix case-merge bug that was breaking the HEAD

My re-org of the case-merging transformation introduced a bug, which led
to incorrect code.   This only showed up occasionally, but it generated
incorrect code for PprC.pprCastReg in the stage-2 compiler. As a result
the stage-2 compiler ran without crashing, but itself generated bogus C.

For a change, this is one that Core Lint couldn't find, so the trail was
a bit longer.  The fix is easy (and commented).
parent 1e9a9216
......@@ -1192,20 +1192,19 @@ prepareAlts scrut case_bndr' alts
; let (alts_wo_default, maybe_deflt) = findDefault alts
alt_cons = [con | (con,_,_) <- alts_wo_default]
imposs_deflt_cons = nub (imposs_cons ++ alt_cons)
-- "imposs_deflt_cons" are handled either by the context,
-- OR by a branch in this case expression.
-- Don't include DEFAULT!!
-- "imposs_deflt_cons" are handled
-- EITHER by the context,
-- OR by a non-DEFAULT branch in this case expression.
; default_alts <- prepareDefault dflags scrut case_bndr' mb_tc_app
imposs_deflt_cons maybe_deflt
; let trimmed_alts = filter possible_alt alts_wo_default
merged_alts = mergeAlts default_alts trimmed_alts
merged_alts = mergeAlts trimmed_alts default_alts
-- We need the mergeAlts in case the new default_alt
-- has turned into a constructor alternative.
-- The merge keeps the inner DEFAULT at the front, if there is one
-- and eliminates any inner_alts that are shadowed by the outer_alts
-- and interleaves the alternatives in the right order
; return (imposs_deflt_cons, merged_alts) }
......@@ -1262,7 +1261,17 @@ prepareDefault dflags scrut outer_bndr bndr_ty imposs_cons (Just deflt_rhs)
= do { tick (CaseMerge outer_bndr)
; let munge_rhs rhs = bindCaseBndr inner_bndr (Var outer_bndr) rhs
; return [(con, args, munge_rhs rhs) | (con, args, rhs) <- inner_alts] }
; return [(con, args, munge_rhs rhs) | (con, args, rhs) <- inner_alts,
not (con `elem` imposs_cons) ]
-- NB: filter out any imposs_cons. Example:
-- case x of
-- A -> e1
-- DEFAULT -> case x of
-- A -> e2
-- B -> e3
-- When we merge, we must ensure that e1 takes
-- precedence over e2 as the value for A!
-- Warning: don't call prepareAlts recursively!
-- Firstly, there's no point, because inner alts have already had
-- mkCase applied to them, so they won't have a case in their default
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