Commit dce3fd4e authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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use -fforce-recomp when compiling Main.hs against the ghc package.

This is necessary because GHC's recompilation checker doesn't check
across package boundaries.
parent 9ff76535
......@@ -46,5 +46,8 @@ odir=stage$(stage)
HS_SRCS = main/Main.hs
HS_OBJS = $(patsubst %, $(odir)/%, $(addsuffix .$(way_)o,$(basename $(HS_SRCS))))
$(odir)/main/Main.o : libHSghc$(_way).a
SRC_HC_OPTS += -fforce-recomp
# can't rely on GHC's recompilation checking here, because it won't spot
# changes in the ghc package.
include $(TOP)/mk/
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