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remove gcj libs from bin dist

parent a22ade7c
......@@ -128,10 +128,11 @@ cp $mingw_bin/ar.exe bin/
# Note: later versions of dlltool.exe depend on a bfd helper DLL.
cp $mingw_bin/dllwrap.exe gcc-lib/
cp $mingw_bin/dlltool.exe gcc-lib/
# Remove unused cruft
# Remove worthy, but unused tools
rm gcc-lib/f771.exe || echo "good - f771.exe not found"
rm gcc-lib/gnat1.exe || echo "good - gnat1.exe not found"
rm gcc-lib/jc1.exe || echo "good - jc1.exe not found"
rm gcc-lib/libgcj* || echo "good - libgcj libs not found"
rm gcc-lib/jvgenmain.exe || echo "good - jvgenmain.exe not found"
echo "extra header files inside of include/"
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