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......@@ -1433,10 +1433,18 @@ rewriteCtFlavor :: CtFlavor
-> TcPredType -- new predicate
-> TcCoercion -- new ~ old
-> TcS (Maybe CtFlavor)
-- rewriteCtFlavor old_fl new_pred co
-- Main purpose: create a new identity (flavor) for new_pred;
-- unless new_pred is cached already
-- * Returns a new_fl : new_pred, with same wanted/given/derived flag as old_fl
-- * If old_fl was wanted, create a binding for old_fl, in terms of new_fl
-- * If old_fl was given, AND not cached, create a binding for new_fl, in terms of old_fl
-- * Returns Nothing if new_fl is already cached
rewriteCtFlavor = rewriteCtFlavor_cache True
-- Returns Nothing only if rewriting has happened and the rewritten constraint is cached
-- Returns Just if either (i) we rewrite by reflexivity or
-- (ii) we rewrite and original not cached
-- Returns Just new_fl iff either (i) 'co' is reflexivity
-- or (ii) 'co' is not reflexivity, and 'new_pred' not cached
-- In either case, there is nothing new to do with new_fl
rewriteCtFlavor_cache :: Bool
-> CtFlavor
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