Commit de9b01b7 authored by AndreasVoellmy's avatar AndreasVoellmy Committed by tibbe

Added missing wakeup in GHC.Event.Manager.closeFd_.

This missing wakeup may have affected the IO manager when used with the poll backend.
parent 3c0dab5b
......@@ -363,6 +363,7 @@ closeFd_ mgr oldMap fd = do
(Just fds, !newMap) -> do
let oldEvs = eventsOf fds
I.modifyFd (emBackend mgr) fd oldEvs mempty
when (oldEvs /= mempty) $ wakeManager mgr
forM_ fds $ \(FdData reg ev cb) -> cb reg (ev `mappend` evtClose)
return newMap
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