Commit e00a6026 authored by simonmar's avatar simonmar

[project @ 2004-10-05 11:48:03 by simonmar]

Add George Russell's hi-boot bug
parent 3aa82723
include $(TOP)/mk/
include $(TOP)/mk/
module VersionGraphClient where
data VersionGraphClient
module VersionGraphClient(
) where
import ViewType
newtype VersionGraphClient = VersionGraphClient Int
Bug report submitted by George Russell, 1/10/2004:
With both ghc6.2 and 6.2.20040915 on Linux, ghc --make cannot compile
the attached files and produces a confusing error message.
# ghc --make View.hs
Chasing modules from: View.hs
Compiling ViewType ( ./ViewType.hs, ./ViewType.o )
Compiling VersionGraphClient ( ./VersionGraphClient.hs, ./VersionGraphClient.o )Compiling View ( View.hs, View.o )
Couldn't match `VersionGraphClient' against `VersionGraphClient'
Expected type: VersionGraphClient
Inferred type: VersionGraphClient
In the `graphClient1' field of a record
In the record construction: View {graphClient1 = graphClient}
However ghc without make has no problems.
# ghc -c ViewType.hs
# ghc -c VersionGraphClient.hs
# ghc -c View.hs
-- | This module defines the fundamental structure of the (untyped)
-- objects in a repository.
-- We depend circularly on CodedValue.hs. This module is compiled
-- first and uses CodedValue.hi-boot.
module View(
) where
import ViewType
import VersionGraphClient
createView :: VersionGraphClient -> IO View
createView graphClient =
return (View {
graphClient1 = graphClient
module ViewType(
) where
import {-# SOURCE #-} VersionGraphClient
data View = View {
graphClient1 :: VersionGraphClient
test('rename.prog005', normal, multimod_compile, \
['View', '-v0'])
clean(['VersionGraphClient.hi', 'VersionGraphClient.o', 'ViewType.hi', 'ViewType.o', 'View.hi', 'View.o'])
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