Commit e207198f authored by niteria's avatar niteria

Kill foldUFM in classifyTyCon

We can get away with anyUFM here.
parent ab91b851
......@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@ classifyTyCons convStatus parTyCons tcs = classify [] [] [] [] convStatus parTyC
can_convert = (isNullUFM (filterUniqSet ((`elemNameSet` pts) . tyConName) (refs `minusUFM` cs))
&& all convertable tcs)
|| isShowClass tcs
must_convert = foldUFM (||) False (intersectUFM_C const cs refs)
must_convert = anyUFM id (intersectUFM_C const cs refs)
&& (not . isShowClass $ tcs)
-- We currently admit Haskell 2011-style data and newtype declarations as well as type
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