Commit e28f99fd authored by simonm's avatar simonm
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[project @ 1999-03-17 11:03:36 by simonm]

Ignore type lambdas for the purposes of occurrence analysis.
parent 27f395a7
......@@ -631,6 +631,14 @@ occAnal env (App fun arg)
(fun_usage `combineUsageDetails` mapVarEnv markLazy arg_usage, App fun' arg')
-- Ignore type variables altogether
-- (a) occurrences inside type lambdas only not marked as InsideLam
-- (b) type variables not in environment
occAnal env expr@(Lam x body) | isTyVar x
= case occAnal env body of { (body_usage, body') ->
(body_usage, Lam x body')
-- For value lambdas we do a special hack. Consider
-- (\x. \y. ...x...)
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